Nutley country music fan scammed by fake Brett Eldredge profiles: PD


NUTLEY, NJ — For more than two years, a Nutley resident thought he was talking with popular country music singer-songwriter Brett Eldredge. They weren’t — and it ended up costing thousands of dollars, police say.

On Friday, the Nutley Police Department released the following statement regarding the fraud case, which was reported earlier this week:

“The victim said she believed for about 2½ years that she was talking with country music superstar Brett Eldredge. Communications were through four different social media accounts claiming to be Brett Eldredge on Google Hangouts, as well as several other unknown individuals claiming to be part of Mr. Eldredge’s inner circle.During this period, the victim sent approximately $25,000 in prepaid cards to these individuals, in addition to photographs of their driver’s license to a party claiming to be Brett Eldredge’s banker, who threatened to sell the victim’s personal information to unknown persons in Russia.In addition, there was also an order for 12 phones placed by Verizon which were shipped to the victim’s residence, and they were asked to send these phones to Illinois.

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