Only one Texas city in the top 10, HTX #37


On Monday, LawnStarter, a lawn mowing planning company, released a roundup ranking the best american cities for country music fans and only one city in Texas made the top 10 with a total of four in the top 50.

It’s perhaps no surprise that Nashville, Tennessee, a metro known as Music City, took the top spot in the rankings by taking the top spot in country music access and interest in the region’s genre with lower ratings in its room quality ranking. (#68) and concert affordability (#116). New York City claims second place, ranking second in country music access rankings and interest in the genre in the region. The Big Apple is followed by Salt Lake City, Utah; Atlanta, Ga. and Charleston, SC, in order.

Texas, the home state with no shortage of country musician heavyweights ranging from George Strait and Willie Nelson to Lee Ann Womack and Barbara Mandrell, had just one city in the top 10 with Austin in No. 7. Bat City recorded a country music access ranking of No. 20, No. 65 in venue quality ranking, No. 5 in genre interest and came in at No. 14 in regarding the affordability of gigs.

While Austin may have cracked the top 10, only 5 cities in Texas overall made the top 50, including Dallas (#26), Denton (#29), Houston (#37), and Grand Meadow (No. 40).

Houston came in at No. 37, sandwiched between Buffalo, NY (No. 36) and Des Moines, Iowa, with a No. 96 Music Access Ranking, a No. 39 Venue Quality Ranking, a #7 genre interest ranking and #82 gig accessibility rank.


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