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At its regular meeting on Monday, December 20, the Paintsville Tourism Commission discussed expanding and updating the exhibits offered at the US 23 Country Music Highway Museum to include information and exhibits related to the new stars of the area, including the addition of exhibits for Sundy Best. and Tyler Childers and expanding the offer for Chris Stapleton.

Paintsville Tourism Executive Director Chesi Arnett kicked off the discussion on updating the museum with maintenance items, including some trim repairs that would be needed, and touched on issues with a few TVs in the museum.

“From a maintenance standpoint, a lot of baseboards, especially this one right here under Loretta Lynn, there’s a lot of places where the paint has peeled off and things like that … TVs, the TV in the gift shop doesn’t even work, it’s still an old TV box, ”Arnett said. “The one here in the lobby, the TV itself is fine, but we have to put a Roku in there, or something like that, and make it a smart device, because we really want to be able to play video clips all day long, from , for example, Loretta Lynn and Chris Stapleton, just create a YouTube playlist. “

Arnett then discussed adding items relating to Tyler Childers and Sundy Best, and discussed removing the large desk to make room for an extension in the museum.

“Then, also, for the museum exhibits, I was talking to (curator) Kay (Hall) earlier about this, we need Tyler Childers and Sundy Best stuff,” Arnett said. “We’ve had a lot of local people blowing up over the past few years and we haven’t updated our displays. We’re running out of space I think we all know this desk here takes up a lot of space and we don’t really need a big round desk … it’s pretty, but we could probably use another one. office and free up space.

Arnett said she could contact Sundy Best and Hall said she was able to contact Tyler Childers’ family and perhaps could donate a few items to the museum.

“I know Kay said she could talk to Tyler’s mom about trying to get stuff from him, and I could contact Sundy Best and I know they would give us stuff, just to add it to our museum, ”said Arnett.

President Jerry Daniels said the museum likely needed an update and Commissioner Patricia Nelson asked if jewelry boxes were needed to further protect the items. Arnett agreed that museum items need to be packed, especially some of the guitars that are sitting and in danger of falling.

“Can we wrap things to reduce dust or people who might play with things,” Nelson asked.

“So it makes me really nervous, there are several guitars in there that are just sitting on the floor, and of course an adult wouldn’t touch them, but if a kid comes in here they’re going to touch it.” and those guitars could easily fall off and that makes me nervous, ”Arnett said with a laugh. “I know when I brought Gus here, I was like, ‘No, you can’t come in here,’ and I kept the curtain closed. You know, a child doesn’t know he can’t. not touch that thing. I think we absolutely have to wrap it all up. There are trophies and everything, plaques, just sitting there and you can pick them up and it makes me really nervous.

Curator Amanda Cox then suggested that the museum could organize a ‘reopening’ once the updates are complete.

“If we updated everything, the museum and the upkeep and all nine yards, it could get a lot of attention like when we first opened,” said Arnett, acknowledging that it might also be a good idea. to make large openings for each new exhibition. . “It would attract a new audience every time, and a lot of people, local and surrounding, are used to the museum, because it has been around for several years, but if you put new things, everyone is going to want to come and see the new stuff – people from here and elsewhere. If we have new things, it’s going to get people’s attention.

Arnett said that the relevance of Tyler Childers and Chris Stapleton is at a high level in popular culture right now and that expanding these exhibits will also help attract a younger demographic.

“For example, my husband is on a huge ‘Yellowstone’ kick, he loves this show, and every song that’s on that show is Tyler Childers and Chris Stapleton. There are people everywhere who are interested in these people. , but they don’t know how to come and see it, it might get a lot of interest and I think even our Chris Stapleton stuff could use an extension, ”Arnett said.“ There’s just a few things in there, and yes Loretta Lynn is a big deal, but with the youngsters Chris Stapleton will get more attention… I can contact Chris’s mom, I graduated with his sister… I’ll see what we can do the low.

“I hope they would be willing to give me some tips. I can’t contact him personally, but he will surely talk to his mom, ”Arnett joked. “I think that would be a really good idea for Paintsville, just update this place and present it as a whole, a new updated museum.”

The commissioners and Arnett agreed that the maintenance items would be easily handled, including some of the museum’s exterior speakers that had fallen into disuse and agreed to start work on expanding the museum’s exhibits as well.

The Paintsville Tourism Commission meets on the third Monday of each month at 4:00 p.m. at the US 23 Country Music Highway Museum and all meetings are open to the public.


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