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WINE, women and song is almost a perfect description for Redneck Gentlemen…maybe replace wine with beer.

The crafty and fun musicians admit that many of their songs revolve around alcohol.

But bassist John Lee – who claims to be the band’s “eye candy” – says women were his real motivation for forming a band. “I just wanted to be a rock star, I wanted women in front of me, looking at me. That’s all I ever wanted in life,” he laughs.

Behind the jokes, the trio have some serious musical ability and a long history together.

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Lee has been in the industry for over 30 years. He joined the Royal Australian Navy on a scholarship to become a trumpeter at the age of 16 and while on the force earned a Bachelor of Music degree.

In 2006, Lee built his own recording studio in his backyard. Over the years, top artists such as Beccy Cole, Casey Chambers, Shannon Noll and Ross Wilson have all recorded there.

Rob Bennic started on drums when he was around 6 years old, playing in marching, school rock and concert bands during his school days at Tamworth.

He formed the band Shift with Alison Forbes and Mark Pauling, playing gigs in NSW North West, before joining the Redneck Gentlemen.

Jared Scott has been playing guitar and leading bands since he was 11 and says the friendship between the three extends far beyond the stage.

“There’s a lot of love in the band. We’re all good friends,” Bennic confirmed.

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These utterly respectable but larrikin types have earned a stable reputation as the latest sound in country rock.

Formed as a cover band about 10 years ago, fans convinced them to start playing their own music.

This decision was confirmed in 2016 when their first single, apple pie whiskey, reached No. 1 on the radio charts across Australia. Their second single, Four knocks down, is on track for similar success.

The inspiration for apple pie whiskey came after a visit to the United States, Scott said.

“I was on vacation and went to a few moonshine distilleries, where I bought myself bottles of apple moonshine. I brought it back to share with the guys and John got inspired enough to write a song. “

After spending time writing and recording in the studio during the COVID shutdowns, the Redneck Gentlemen can’t wait to get back to live performance.

They had to play Tamworth Country Music Festival in January, until it was postponed due to rising coronavirus cases. The festival has been postponed to April 18-24.

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