Popular music artist J. Miles sings the sermon of moving forward despite all the chaos in new single “Row Your Boat”


“Row Your Boat” by J. Miles is an uplifting song that encourages people not to give up and instead push forward with vigor no matter how conflicting the circumstances.

06 April 2022 – The world can be a dark and scary place, marred by challenges around every corner. But, one cannot let the thorns in the path deter him from looking up and walking with his head held high. In this light, rising musical artist J. Miles recently released a new single, “Row Your Boat”, which inspires you to move forward despite all the chaos and adversity that surrounds it.

“The world is not an easy place to live in. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken two long years away from us and just as we are still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, we have found ourselves in the midst of a terrible war. These challenges are heartbreaking and it is not uncommon to lose our spirits in these difficult times. But, we cannot let any challenge dampen our spirits and it is especially in times like these that songs like ‘Row Your Boat’ will help lift our spirits,” said the rising young musical artist.

Find the courage to look within
You must seek and find
You got the shine, you can’t deny
You can’t always hide it

“Sometimes we just need a ‘reminder’ to move on. With so much going on, there couldn’t be a better time to sing Row The Boat.

Row The Boat is picking up quickly on YouTube and other top music streaming channels like Spotify, Amazon, and more.

J. Miles is also at the top of the music scene with his latest release “Vladimir Putin Disstrack”. This is the artist’s perspective on the war and the perception of legendary political leaders running affairs.

“I believe that music can be an extremely powerful tool to convey a strong message. I want to use my music to raise awareness about the environment, the incidents that happen, the urgent need to speak out, and to make a positive difference in the world.

J. Miles had quite a busy year in 2021. One of his most popular releases last year was Supa Thick which dueted with Lizzo. The single garnered 100,000 streams along with another hit single from the singer in 2021, Clown. MILES additionally released Red Light in 2021 which was dueted by TMG’s Noel Miller. The single commanded 36 million plays on Instagram Reel and became the #26 highest Reel on Instagram, directly below Pepsi with 37 million Reel plays.

Another great success of J. Miles was Skeleton Man which was released in 2018. The single hlf a million streams on Soundcloud, 225k on TikTok and 65k on Instagram.

One of the most promising names in the world of contemporary music, James Miles aka M1LES (Miles) is one of the most popular names on the internet and social media today. A widely followed social media superstar, the 22-year-old musical artist from Colorado is raising a storm on major social media channels. From now on, J. Miles got over 380,000 followers on his TikTok accounts @MilesFromSpace (225,000) and @MilesMovies (160,000) and a whopping 65,000 on his Instagram, @MilesFromSpace.

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