Popular music school opens 3rd location in Pleasantville


The Cortlandt School of Performing Arts currently operates two popular music schools, in Croton and in Mohegan Lake, and now extends to Pleasantville, the owner’s hometown. With her husband, Ray arrucci, Actor of Equity, musician and CEO of the CSPA, Carol (Cavalieri) Arrucci will open its third branch in the heart of Pleasantville, at 29 Marble Avenue, in September. The school employs 23 professional musicians and has NYS K-12 certified music education instructors on staff. Many of these teachers will be in Pleasantville when they open.

“I grew up in Pleasantville and when this space became available thanks to my dear family friend, Sam Archie, I immediately jumped on it,” Carol said. Carol attended the K-12 grades at Pleasantville Schools and is fondly remembered for the school district singer and star pianist and the former music coordinator at Holy Innocents Church. She has been President of the Pleasantville Music Theater for over 10 years, remaining well-rooted in the business of Pleasantville. The couple currently reside in Ossining, NY which is at the center of their 3 locations.

Carol and Ray Arrucci

Carol was the musical director of the children’s choir for Joseph of Broadway and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and several students from Pleasantville were part of this choir when it opened on Broadway. The band continued to perform under the name “The Westchester Dreamcoats” and became a training ground for young professional singers, for over 10 years. This inspired her to continue to share her talents and to open a school where others can do the same.

“Our music school caters to all ages and all levels,” she explains. “We want to bring quality private music lessons to Pleasantville. Ms. Arrucci taught music in the Hendrick Hudson School District for 25 years before opening what has now become the Upper Westchester’s largest music school.

The school is already registering students and reserving places for its grand opening in September, and it will offer private lessons on all instruments and vocal lessons, from beginner to pre-professional level.

Contact 914-420-8966 or CortArts@yahoo.com for more information or visit www.CortArts.com.


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