PRS for Music Announces Composer Initiative Inspired by Philip Glass


Successful applicants to the Refractions initiative will be commissioned another piece to be released on a digital EP.

PRS for music launched a composer development initiative Refractions with a “call for works”. PRS member composers are encouraged to submit original compositions that respond to the work of Philip Glass in his 85and year as well as engaging with the theme of refraction.

The initiative is carried out in partnership with Dunvagen Music Publisherswhich was created by Philip Glass in 1976. The publisher will ask the four successful applicants of the initiative to write a 5-6 minute composition using source material by Philip Glass for a fee of £750.

Drew Smith, Executive Director of Dunvagen Music Publishers, said: “The creativity and imagination of emerging composers know no bounds. We are delighted to be working with PRS for Music on Refractions in support of the contemporary classical sector, and I look forward to seeing how the four selected composers will put their own unique spin on the work of Philip Glass for the world to hear.

As well as having their finished compositions released on a digital EP by a Glass-focused record label orange mountain musicthe four composers will also participate in an online mentoring session by Robert Ames, co-artistic director of the London Contemporary Orchestra. Ames will also judge each submission with a panel of composers, considering the quality and originality of each piece, as well as reviewing each entrant’s suitability for the initiative.

PRS for music represents the rights of songwriters, composers and music worldwide, strives to develop and protect the value of the rights of its members and to ensure that creators are paid fairly each time their work is broadcast in streaming, downloaded, streamed, played and played in public.

Refractions is open to PRS members over the age of 18 with a particular focus on early career composers. To be considered for the program, composers must submit two contrasting original electronic compositions, along with a supporting statement outlining how they would benefit from being part of the initiative. The four winners will be announced later this year.

Applications must be submitted by 09:00 GMT on 13 May 2022. You can find out more about the initiative (including how to apply) here.


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