Review: ‘Surtaal 2’ brought a celebration of classical music to Dubai


Such was the magic that had a delighted audience swaying in their seats as three music maestros took the stage in an emotional experience where Hindustani classical music was celebrated above all else. ‘Surtaal 2’ saw notable singers Hariharan and Ustad Rashid Khan share the limelight with tabla ace Pandit Bickram Ghosh on a night where expressive accents and melodic elaborations became an irresistible force of nature.

These mainstays, who performed Sunday night at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Indian High School, brought purity to the notes even when modern deviations transgressed the authenticity of classical melodies.

Sunday night’s concert saw Ustad Rashid Khan hit the stage first, a voice who has also connected with the masses through his many collaborations with Bollywood projects, his most popular being “Aaoge Jab Tum” from “Jab We Met”. While an artist may be tempted to indulge on the fuel provided by his audience, the ever purist sticks to his classical roots, reminding us of the famous story where Pandit Bhimsen Joshi once pointed out and pointed out that Rashid Khan was the “confirmation for the future”. Indian songs music.

As the night wore on, Hariharan and Ghosh took to the stage, each artist merging with the other with such familiarity that he was unable to decipher where one left off and the other began. . The dexterity of Ghosh’s fingers on the tabla resonated perfectly in sync with Hariharan’s powerful voice, taking every high note in its stride.

While the concert itself was a treat for connoisseurs, classical music doesn’t have to be an elitist sound; after all, there’s a reason music is called a universal language that transcends all boundaries and descriptions in a celebration of pure sound.


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