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Ritchie Neville believes the 1990s were the last “really defined era” in modern music.

The Five singer, 43, also believes there is a renewed interest in the tunes of the decade, as nostalgia gives people ‘comfort’ in times of uncertainty and instability.

He said before performing at the Reminisce ’22 festival – which is packed with other 90s acts: “When you’re talking about something from the 20th century, music was king in society.

“I think the 90s was the last really defined era for music – like, if you say the 60s, you can instantly think of loads of bands.

“It’s the same with the 70s, 80s and then the 90s. After that it was a bit more androgenic – the 90s was the last really defined era in music.

The father-of-one – who shares seven-year-old daughter Ella-Rose with ex-Atomic Kitten singer partner Natasha Hamilton, 40 – added there was also ‘enough time now’ since the decade for the 90s to be considered “its own thing” in music history.

He added, “You also have younger fans who weren’t even there or were babies in the 90s who got into his music because they like that kind of sound, just like you have people who love 60s music.

“The 90s is its own thing now.”

When asked if he thinks the appetite for nostalgia in music is the rest of the people who find it comforting amid upheavals such as COVID-19 and the global economic crisis, he replied: “Definitely. – for some people, sure.”

The singer also said he was “really looking forward” to hitting the road again with bandmates Scott Robinson, 42, and Sean Conlon, 41.

He said, “We played Reminisce Festival before, but it wasn’t fully operational due to COVID like it is now, so I’m really looking forward to finally making a good one.”

Five will also play Reminisce 22 festival at Sherdley Park, St Helens, Liverpool on Saturday 10 September.

Other groups include 2 Unlimited, Liberty X, Boyzlife, Fatman Scoop, Nadine Coyle and S Club Allstars.

Tickets from £85 are available, along with further information, at www.reminiscefestival.com.


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