The Carlisle Country Music Festival needs your help


Carlisle is closing in on hosting the UK’s newest country music festival, however, without an increase in current ticket sales, the event may be cancelled.

Carlisle Country, which was originally scheduled for May 2021, has been postponed twice and postponed to May 13-15 this year, due to the pandemic.

Of which, event organizer Nick Westgarth said the postponement had “done no favours” for the upcoming event.

“Any event of this magnitude involves significant expense and financial risk.

“Advance sales are the barometer of the likelihood that costs will be covered and the event can work. Advance sales are literally the lifeblood of such an event,” he said.

All is going according to plan however, Carlisle’s Crown and Miter hotel will host the Nashville sounds of a country and American festival, with all hotel rooms available at special festival rates.

The new festival has assembled an impressive list of country acts to its lineup, including award-winning 2021 UK country names such as Kezia Gill, Morganway and Katee Kross.

The winning artists will be joined by past winners such as; Stevie O’Connor; gasoline and matches; Robert Vincent; Robbie Cavanagh; Danny McMahon; Raintown and Backwoods Creek.

“It has an outstanding lineup packed with UK Award winners all making headlines in their own right across the UK. It promises to be a fantastic weekend with top quality artists all playing absolutely live; no tributes, no backing bands just first class acts.

“However, it all depends on how much people want this kind of thing. Maybe they have to take risks and commit and support it. There’s no reason why Carlisle shouldn’t have this kind of event. “, did he declare.

The all-indoor event will focus on a main stage, a purpose-built construction in the hotel’s ballroom, meaning being indoors will help dispel any apprehensions about the unpredictable weather conditions in the North West of England.

“One thing is for sure, if people try it once they get hooked, a live weekend is truly a fantastic experience. On the other hand, if they leave it to the last minute to buy their tickets , it may well be too late .

“Unless advance sales demonstrate public desire, the event simply cannot survive. It’s as simple as that,” he said.

Festival goers and potential attendees are reminded that all tickets are protected by a cancellation policy, if the festival does not take place refunds will be issued.

“It would be a shame to lose the Carlisle Country Music Festival before it even gets started, as this event could become a major annual event in Carlisle,” he said.

Tickets can be purchased at the Crown and Miter Hotel or via

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