The International Classical Music Awards announce the 2022 winners


Luxembourg society International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) has announced the list of award-winning musicians for 2022.

377 appointments were made in November. They were selected by a jury made up of representatives from a number of international publications and record labels, including Deutsche Welle, The Orchestra, Classic MDR, Rondo Classic, and Pizzicato.

Driver Adam Fischer received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his extensive discography and thoughtful interpretations – particularly his elegant period recordings of 18th-century music.

Artist of the Year award went to Swedish clarinetist Martin Frost, for his adaptation of non-clarinet works into the clarinet repertoire and his success at the start of his new career as a conductor.

Italian violinists were well represented in the awards, with the Grumiaux prize winner, 24 Gennaro Cardaropoli being named Young Artist of the Year, and 16 Julien Kainrath receiving the Discovery Prize.

The composer’s prize went to Romanian Sebastian Androne, who not only writes contemporary music but also soundtracks for film and theatre.

The two special achievement awards went to the conductor Pierre Cao and pianist Michel Korstick for their contributions to their fields.

“Our international and independent jury selected the winners from a nomination list comprising 377 productions and a wide range of artists and labels,” said remy frank, the president of the jury. “Our winners are an expression of the highest artistic standard, and the list of awards shows that our jury is not content with a superficial assessment of the music industry, but conducts a comprehensive and thorough analysis. The list of winners includes many renowned artists as well as lesser known and young musicians and no less than 17 labels.”

You can consult the complete list of recipients, here.


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