The Ultimate Non-Country Music Playlist for Hunters, According to a New York Bowhunter


Hunting and country music are undeniably linked. I understand. Much of country music comes from the same farming country in the South and Midwest where many Americans hunt. But since so many more new hunters live in big cities and their suburbs, traditional “Country Boy Can Survive” playlists don’t exactly resonate with all of us. I live in Queens, New York, and my musical choices are influenced by where I live and where I grew up.

So when it comes to my hunting season, there is a certain level of energy that has to be achieved and maintained. No slow traffic jams. Not easy listening. Just music created to excite, excite and prepare you to face your hunt. That’s why I’ve curated the Ultimate Hunting Playlist: 52 songs designed to get you motivated for your hunt. Listen now on Apple Music Where Spotify as you read. (Note: This is an explicit playlist. Supervision of young hunters is advised.)

Wu-Tang is for hunters

One of my first experiences with a hunting companion was not hunting. (Go figure it out.) It was thanks to our shared love for the best of Shaolin, the Wu-Tang Clan. Over the past few years, it’s been amazing how many people in the hunting community love this hip-hop group from New York. This first block of songs from the playlist is therefore a tribute to the Killer Bees. You will immediately recognize some of these tracks.

  1. Protect Your Neck – Wu-Tang Clan
  2. Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ – Wu-Tang Clan
  3. Shadowboxin’ – GZA feat. method man
  4. Da Rockwilder – Method Man & Redman
  5. Triumph – Wu-Tang Clan
  6. Lesson Learned – Wu-Tang Clan
  7. Criminology – Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah
  8. Bring the Pain – Method Man
  9. Guillotine – Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck and GZA
  10. The Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing but the F’ Wit – Wu-Tang Clan
  11. Shame on AN**** – Wu-Tang Clan
  12. Got Your Money – Ol’ Dirty Bastard feat. Kelis
  13. Protect Ya’s Neck (The Jump) – Wu-Tang Clan

will make you sweat

In a past life, I was pretty addicted to fitness. I even makes an appearance in an infomercial for a popular workout video. These next bits are from playlists that helped me get a few workouts in and helped me establish a new PR at the squat rack. Now, how is this useful to your hunting experience? Well imagine you just shot an elk as Cam Hanes and now you have to pack it. If you don’t quite have that mental toughness, one of the following from this track block can get you going.

  1. Body – Drowning Basin
  2. I am alone – Godsmack
  3. Pain For Pleasure – Sum 41
  4. Chop Suey! – System of a Down
  5. Fuel – Metallica
  6. Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses
  7. Smells like teenage spirit – Nirvana
  8. My Hero – Foo Fighters
  9. Kill in the Name – Rage Against the Machine
  10. Still pending – Sum 41
  11. Down with the disease – Disturbed
  12. Breaking the Habit – LINKIN PARK
Numbering your arrows is a way to keep track of arrow and flyer choices. Or you can tag them with something a little more memorable. cliff cadet

The most real

This next block of tracks is for the real hip-hop heads. Coming from New York, the birthplace of hip-hop, I had to hook you up with some bangers. These songs are a great addition to any hunting camp. Play any song from that part of the playlist. And if the hunter next to you isn’t moving his head in rhythm, don’t invite him back. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

  1. Biggie/Tupac Freestyle – The Notorious BIG & 2Pac feat. DJ Mister Cee
  2. Ima Boss – Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross
  3. Lose Yourself – Eminem
  4. ‘Till I Collapse – Eminem feat. Nate Dogg
  5. Ruff Ryders Anthem – DMX
  6. Take them out – TI
  7. Acting Like A Fool – Ludacris
  8. I’m Bad – LL Cool J
  9. Stronger – Kanye West
  10. Notorious Thugs – The Notorious BIG feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
  11. Always DRE – Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg
  12. Made You Watch – Nas
  13. Return – Ludacris
  14. I Twisted It – Mobb Deep
  15. Walk Like This – Run-DMC feat. Aerosmith
  16. Beats to the Rhyme – Run-DMC
  17. Mama Said Knocks You Out – LL Cool J

80s film montage

The latest set of songs to grace this playlist have been included to make you feel a bit nostalgic. If you don’t, then you’re probably too young. But if you can appreciate a good workout edit of an old 80s movie, then this is for you.

Still not sold? Let me paint you a picture. Imagine you are somewhere in the Midwest. You live on 200 acres with your grandparents, who raised you. But alas, trouble is brewing in town. Grandma and grandpa are behind on their mortgage payments. The mayor and the game warden are conspiring to get your hands on that property you’ve been hunting your whole life. You and your ragtag but lovable group of hunting buddies are all out of ideas to get money. But there is hope: the town is hosting its annual 3D archery and the prize money is the exact amount you need to pay for the farm. The only problem? You have never shot an archery. You have two days before the shoot.

Check out the inspiring training montage of you becoming an archery ace—set to this playlist. Cover your favorite song for the finale of the highlight: when you discover the mayor recruited ringer John Dudley to ensure that no one else can win the prize money. (I’m pretty sure I just wrote the script for the next Oscar winner. Don’t steal my idea.)

  1. Breaking the Ice – John Farnam, of “RAD”
  2. No Easy Way Out – Robert Tepper, “Rocky IV”
  3. Hearts on Fire – John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, from “Rocky IV”
  4. The Touch – from the animated film “Transformers: The Movie”
  5. You’re the best – Joe Esposito, from “The Karate Kid”
  6. Hold On For A Hero – Bonnie Tyler, ‘Footloose’
  7. We are not alone – Karla Devito, of “The Breakfast Club”
  8. Never – from “Footloose”
  9. Twist Of Fate – Olivia Newton John, from “Two of a Kind”
  10. Invincible – from “The Legend of Billie Jean”

I strongly recommend that you listen to this entire playlist (available on Apple Music and Spotify) in your truck, with the windows and volume turned up. Alone or with passengers, each track will make you amped up for your hunt. You’re welcome.


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