This country music star wants to join the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch as the series pays tribute to one of his best ranch hands



Hi Yellowstone fans; we hope all of you ranch hands and corporate shark eaters soak up the beginnings of a cowboy-centric week. If you’re anything like us, the news of Loretta Lynn’s passing has you playing her best hits on repeat while enjoying an afternoon of work or a glass of sweet tea on the front porch. When it comes to current events in the Taylor Sheridan universe, there’s a country music star throwing his name in the cowboy hat to join the Yellowstone cast as the series pays homage to one of our favorite ranch hands.

So take off those work boots and toss them aside, get cozy in front of a warm fire, and we’ll take you to Yellowstone Dutton Ranch to check out the latest.

This country star wants to ride the Yellowstone

Cody Johnson is ready to dust off his acting chops and head to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, but it’s not how you might think.

Speaking to CMT’s Carissa Culiner, Johnson paid tribute to Taylor Sheridan and let fans know we almost saw him in the Yellowstone prequel, 1883.

“Here’s the fun thing. Taylor Sheridan actually approached me to be in 1883. I couldn’t get it to work because of my schedule. We were already booked. »

Having to deny the kingdom of Yellowstone from Sheridan is not something Johnson takes lightly, and he lets her know that he hasn’t stopped thinking about joining the universe in the future.

“Taylor, manage. We have to do this, mate. There must be a little more team on “Yellowstone”. “With a deadpan expression, Johnson lets us know that he knows a thing or two about the team, and he would be happy to bring his talents to Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

So keep your fingers crossed, especially since Sheridan already has Jonson on his radar. You might just hear a familiar voice on the show in the future. Moreover, we know the man as a singer, now we want to know him as an actor; something he hasn’t done much since he was younger.

“Acting is something I would really love to do. I was in theater in high school. am in real life.

Here I hope!

Yellowstone praises everyone’s favorite pink-haired ranch hand

This isn’t the first time the show has shouted Teeter out on a Tuesday, and it certainly won’t be the last. With a healthy dose of alliteration and video of some of the show’s greatest moments, we pay homage to a ranch hand with phenomenal styling, sass, and hair choices.

It’s true. Teeter is a powerhouse at the ranch and a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve, the same sleeve she’ll use to wipe blood from her lip after a big fight with angry bikers. She loves as hard as she works and does everything with pizzazz and an accent so loud you might have to strain to hear it, but it’s worth it when you understand.

From her ferocity in taking the mark to how she brushed off a brutal attack and finally roped in the guy of her dreams (pun intended). YellowstoneThe video highlights the girl who stole our hearts when she first called Lloyd a skunk… well, you know the rest. Here is cheekiness, snark and vulgarity at the right time. We can’t wait to see what awaits him at the start of the next season, and we know that anyone who dares to stand in his way will be heading for a bruise. Look, she would totally say it too, okay?

A moment in time: a piece of Yellowstone the story

Every Tuesday before the new season, we will share a moment in Yellowstone the story with you. Why do we reflect on the past in a report? You need to know your Yellowstone lore to enjoy what’s to come – of course.

So what better way to kick off a moment in Yellowstone history only by revisiting the episode that started it all and focusing on the very moment we were first introduced to this beautiful world.

The episode is called “Daybreak”, and the moment occurs after John Dutton suffers an accident near the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. In the vastness of the national park, we are surrounded by a luminous sky before seeing a hand stroking the side of the face of an injured horse. We soon see a bloodied John Dutton as he

“Easy… easy… This life isn’t fair.” I know you deserve better, the best I can give you is peace,” he told the animal before ending his misery. It’s the moment that lets fans know that this series doesn’t kick off with a metaphorical bang, but an authentic one. For animal lovers, it was a busy entry for a show. Costner made the only choice he could at the time, not wanting to see a horse die but knowing his agony was too great for him to bear.

We soon learn that Costner is playing John Dutton and that the accident could be a layered turn of events; maybe something to do with this Paradise Valley Capital Development review. What we didn’t know then that we’ve embraced now is that the series is as multifaceted as it is powerful. The twists and turns of the show are what keep us coming back for more.

As John gazes into a field of cattle, he mutters, “The things we lose to feed you…” hinting that there is a lot more story to come. Commissioner John Dutton knows the stakes are high and, as we discover with each subsequent episode, he has the world to lose.

It’s a good time to start if you make a Yellowstone review before the start of the new season. You can catch all the episodes streaming on Peacock ahead of the two-hour TV event on November 13.


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