This map shows the most popular music genres by state


Based on box office results from live artists from across America, country music reigns supreme in 13 states.

According to an infographic shared on Engineers advice per user Chattaneer PECountry music is the most popular genre of music in just two Deep South states: Arkansas and Alabama. The country performs best in a different group of states: Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Tang also reigns supreme in Alaska, Idaho, Utah, Nebraska, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Beyond that, different ramifications of rock music perform well across the country.

Indie bands dominate in the college rock hotbed in North Carolina and, more surprisingly, in Tennessee (keep in mind that these results don’t account for walk-in traffic to Nashvillehonky tonks and events without tickets).

Classic rock tours draw the most money in several Southern states (Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri and Kentucky) as well as Midwestern havens like Indiana, Michigan and Illinois and even the nerve center of American entertainment, New York (both Chicago and New York City is easy to call a fashion paradise, no places to catch the victory towers of the alumni).

Places as country as Kansas and Oklahoma prove lucrative for heavy metal bands (the genre is also killing in North Dakota, South Dakota and Arizona).

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Beyond the country / indie divide, Texans’ affinity for Latin music makes sense, as does the popularity of pop music in California, Nevada’s appreciation for EDM, and the Northwest’s love for indie (Washington) and alternative (Oregon). The strangest results include alternative music hotspots in Maine, Montana, New Mexico and Florida, and the only state with R&B-favored results, Hawaii.

Other cards years past, including one that didn’t jump into hip-hop and rap, show similar results.

AT&T 2018 report on Most Popular Artist by State by Spotify Results Depicts the United States of Pop and Rap, Apart from All Kane Brown fans in West Virginia.


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