Town Mountain Announces New Label, New Album and New Member

photo: Emma Delevante

Are there any Town Mountain news, and lots of it. The Asheville, NC-based lineup have been like the house band of the country music revolution for the past 10 or so years, paling with Tyler Childers and Billy Strings among others, playing plenty of cool indie festivals all over the Appalachian region and beyond. , and bringing their fun yet reverberant attitude to their mix of music that includes country, bluegrass and mountain folk. They’re a fan favorite to say the least by staying humble and real, and their fandom is about to grow.

While Sturgill Simpson continues to be on hiatus after suffering a severed vocal cord, its drummer and bandleader Miles Miller has officially joined Town Mountain as a full-time member. He joins Phil Barker, Bobby Britt, Robert Greer, Jesse Langlais and Zach Smith as directors of Town Mountain. And that’s not all. It has just been announced that the outfit is taking on the world by signing with New West Records.

“New West came to some of our shows and the ball started rolling,” says banjo player Jess Langlais. “They knew they wanted to work with us, and we knew we wanted to work with them. New West lets the artist steer the ship and that’s what we were looking for: to have the autonomy to do what we want, but also to have a great label behind us.

Town Mountain will release their debut album New West Lines in the dike on October 7, 2022, with guitarist Robert Greer saying, “It’s the sound we’ve been working towards since the band was created. It’s not a departure, it’s an evolution – the door is wide open right now.

Ahead of the new album, the band released the title track, which will give you plenty of The Band vibes. “Lyrically, I wanted the song to communicate that a change is coming for those who have no voice or feel disenfranchised. Musically, I wanted the beat to have a similar intensity and make you feel like something is about to happen. said Phil Barker.

Town Mountain is one of those bands whose camaraderie is felt directly through the music. It’s cool to see them finally step out of the shadow of some of their famous friends they’ve collaborated with over the years, and finally get their due.

Lines in the dike
is now available in pre-order.


1. Lines in the dike
2. The return of the child
3. Far line
4. Burning Road
5. Rene
6. The seasons don’t change
7. Reverie Quarantine
8. Big Decisions
9. Unsung Heroes
10. American Family
11. Lean into the blue


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