Traditional Indonesian music is no less cool than modern music – Mon June 14, 2021


Aris Setyawan (Contributor) (The Jakarta Post)


Yogyakarta ●
Mon June 14, 2021

Read the How music works This book made me realize how incredible David Byrne is: a design school student, singer, frontman of the legendary punk band Talking Heads, and also a musicologist (or ethnomusicologist).

In this book, Byrne sets out a compelling tale of music. At first glance, this may seem like an autobiography about his musical career; but, in fact, this book transmits a good part of knowledge on music theory, anthropology, history, even ethnomusicology, provided one understands that the latter is a combination of many other disciplines.

Byrne discusses various musical forms, ranging from acoustic and recording technology to the earth-sky case in music, while describing the interrelation between the Balinese gamelan with the worship of the omnipotent God and the ecstatic African tribal rhythms, which are all both have become the music of the modern world.

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