Why is Drake feuding with YouTube’s most popular music critic?


Culture – 2 months ago

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Drake had time to slip into the Instagram DMs of “the internet’s busiest music nerd” Anthony Fantano, sending him an unprovoked diss.

Duck doesn’t feel like “the busiest nerd on the internet”, music critic and The needle drop host Antoine Fantano. On Thursday (September 15), the world-famous rapper leaked his Instagram DMs to Fantano months after the critic rated his new album Honestly it doesn’t matter “Not good” out of 10.

“Your existence is a 1 light. And the 1 is because you are alive,” the post read. “And because you kind of married a black girl. I feel slight to decent 1 on your existence.

In another thread, it looks like Drizzy sent Fantano a recipe for vegan cookies.

Fantano apparently had fun with the “beef”, reposting the original Honestly it doesn’t matter criticism with other tweets referencing the winner of 4 Grammy Awards.

Fantano followed up with a vlog of Drake’s posts, hitting back at the rapper for being “in his feelings.”

“One of the artists I’ve reviewed the most over the years is Drake himself, aka Champagne Papi,” he said. “And yeah, basically what happened is that for reasons that I don’t know, Drake was in his feelings, like he tends to be, because that’s his nature, it’s It’s his vibe, it’s his style, it’s his whole thing, being in his feelings is his mark, you might say.

Fantano added: “He was in his feelings on Wednesday night, very late at night I was in that garage lifting weights when I caught a DM request from Champagne Papi himself. I saw the DM request and looked at it and yes it was kinda fake. It was a salty little DM, it was quite sad and unhappy.

Watch the full vlog below.


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